Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fun Fall Fashion Tips For Women


Skirts are longer this season and color is in:

*Maxi Skirts and cozy sweaters are a fall fashion trend. It's a nice alternative to comfortable leggings and long sweaters. Petite women will find the maxi skirt overwhelming for their height.

*Jade green and all tones of red are big colors for fall which can be nicely utilized in dresses and blouses.

*Rust colored coats are fashionable which is a good neutral, but not the best color on everyone.

*Polka dots are a big trend, and if you like the pattern, but don't want to wear it as an outfit, try adding it though a scarf or blouse.

*Lace is also fashionable for fall/winter, and if used in a subtle way it can add texture to a polished look.