Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Dressing To Be Successful" - Daily Sound Article

Check out this great article the Daily Sound did on my business focusing on Wardrobe Image Makeovers in today's market.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Interior Design Tips

*Your interior space can be updated with fall colors, adding warmth to a space.

*Neutrally colored sofas, chairs, and duvet covers expand your accent color and fabric texture options to bold and beautiful which creates a luxurious and warm feeling to any room.

*Neutrals are a fashion forward color palette; look for warm, earthy or sandy tones that you would find in natural landscapes.

*Change your accent accessories to fall colors like burnt orange, wine red, deep teal blue and mossy greens. You can do this with pillows, area rugs, curtains, ottomans, or small chairs.

*Add fall inspired textured fabrics such as velvet, chenille, damask, or a printed silk and velvet combination.

* Now is the time to make any interior improvements you need and have been putting off before the rainy season.

*Beat holiday stress by clearing clutter in your home... find clever ways to store things and donate what you don't need.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Fall Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips for Ladies:
Layering and big statement jewelry are fashionable

*Add a new fall jacket or a long sweater vest, belt and tights with heels or boots to update your existing dresses - Works best with dresses in earthy tones for a fall palette of colors.

*Pair a fashionable fall jacket or long sweater vest with blouses (add a touch of romance with a white ruffled blouse), to pants or leggings you have in your closet to give each outfit a new spin.

*Accessories: Interesting and funky large jewelry pieces taking up decolletage real estate add personal style to simple outfits. Animal prints are still fashionable, and are best used modestly in form of an accessory. While animal prints make a fashionable statement, make sure you're wearing the print, don't let it wear you!

Fashion Tips for Men:
Layering is fashionable and adds interest

*Think of layering for a polished, but casual look. Example: a collared shirt under a vest or pullover sweater ups the style factor, and a jacket not only gives warmth but adds structure to your look.

*Add a couple of new ties to your wardrobe for a fall fashion statement like a deep orange or gold. Consider bold colors.

*Versatile sport jacket is a key element to a strong and polished fall wardrobe. It's perfect with jeans, and adds a polished look to dressy occassions.

*This is the time of year to wear suits whether for work or business/social events. Be prepared with a versatile (business casual to formal) good-fitting high-quality suit. Try on what's in the closet and consider a tailor or replacement if needed.