Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Interviews, Entrepreneurs, & Image Presentation

Polished Image



*Are you presenting a professional image that you feel confident in?

*Understanding what style, fit and color works best on you is the first step.

*When you choose what to wear in the morning, is it presenting a "dress for success" presentation?

*Start with the basics: Great fitting pants, two skirts, two tailored jacets, two cardigans with several tops to mix and match.

*Know how to use scarves and tasteful jewelry to create a different look with existing basics.

*Tights give you polished look to-the-toe for the fall/winter season.

*A shoe boot or simple pump.

*Flattering hair and make-up to enhanced your polished look.


Are you walking out the door feeling confident for your business day with a head-to-toe polished image?

*Tailored fit is key to presenting a "dress for success" image.

*Think of layering for a polished, but casual look. Example: a collared shirt under a vest or pullover sweater ups the style factor, and a jacket not only gives warmth but adds structure to your look.

*Add a couple of new ties to your wardrobe for a fall fashion statement like a deep orange or gold. Consider bold colors.

*Versatile tweed sport jacket is a key element to a strong and polished fall wardrobe. It's perfect with jeans or slacks for a professional to dressy look.