Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Renewal and Reinvention to Impress for Less

It always starts in the closet. Clearing what does not serve you is a confidence booster. Clearing what weighs you down in the closet or home is a freeing experience and perfect for spring!

Spring Tips for the closet and wardrobe:
* Change accessories to existing, good fitting outfits for an updated and renewed spring look.
* Clear clutter - pieces that drag you down. Integrate pieces that lift your spirits for great fit and color appropriate for spring.

Spring Tips for your home sanctuary:
* Create a breath of fresh air in your space by removing accessories, knick knacks and furniture pieces that block energy and clutter space.
* Change your accessories or paint colors for little $, creating a mini makeover to any room. I can assist you with a new look through simple changes.