Monday, November 23, 2009

Executive Women & Men Dressing for Success

I find that many high-powered executive women dress in boxy, unattractive suits that don't best represent who they are or what they do. Suits don't have to look masculine. A woman can dress in a high quality suit or professional look that has great fit, color and style appropriate for what they do, but also for the woman that they are and need to embrace. I think it's a leftover from the executive world being a man's world and some women feel that in order to be taken seriously, they dress in a safe, nearly masculine attire that does not suit them or their body. I've had great success finding a polished, professional look for women that presents power and success while remaining feminine, even sexy. Women enjoy an organized, stress-free closet that I create and the conveniences of a personal shopper.

Additionally, men who are in high-level executive positions don't always find the best look for their body or style. Quality is key. Tailoring is also key in order to present a powerful look. Better to have fewer suits, but ones that have terrific fabric quality, fit, specific tailoring, and color coordinates best suited for a man's coloring and body type, and personal style. Fewer power suits, but many great quality shirts and ties are necessary. Ties are one of very few standout ways that a man can show color and style...hence, power ties. I enjoy assisting a man with a professional look created for his individual position and personality. It can do wonders for a man's presentation and cuts down on stress knowing exactly what to wear and utilizing a personal shopper saves him time.

Monday, November 9, 2009



The following are things you may benefit from by hiring a wardrobe consultant/personal shopper:

*Wardrobe Consultant for a personalized head-to-toe or mini holiday makeover.

*Special event wardrobe shopping coordinated for head-to-toe great look.

*Eventful travel plans made easier by wardrobe coordinating and packing.

*Personal Shopper for your business & personal gifts selected with care and great taste.

*Gifts will be beautifully wrapped and delivered to a business or to you for your convenience.